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tv   Fox 8 News at 9AM  FOX  January 21, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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we like to call it around here. one man critically hurt after goingal back inside that house touseou try to save the families dot. also this morning hit-and-run crash caught on tapepeal sose the whatis mpeal happened and why the victim says about the driversose th and her an injuries.d would you go to a clinic that tat only had nurse practitioners. no doctors. would you rather pay a monthly pract fee for all primary care services?itioners. would y rather p. wou y r a one clinic makes a big change the story and your reaction in today's download coming up. reaction in today's download coming up. time to check in with scott talking ooutor daweather but more importantly talking about a mess abot a mess ab that will hit the nation's east coast. coast. a big storm there and scott hasott the very latest in some details for us on that. that's good to our weather firstr firsr off this is like effect the zoomthe zoom in a little close but still we still have residual make effectmake efft out in gea county weather will be my ight accumulation but bu the temperatures are nowhereeratures near as cold as they were a few days back. ys back. accumulations minimal.
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left-hand corner of the screen e screen initial push of cloud cover fromve the north's are beginning to move to the ohio valley talkley tal about that in a few minutes. still have let's go to the east east might see a break or two off sunshine but beginning tone but nnin g rapidly cloud over asov temperatures climb into the middle and upper 20s.e where is the clipper that nor'easter there it is. i. doesn't look like much rightrighri now. now. eventually to lowe's begin to come together and emerge over tennessee eventually making their way intome togethee portions of westti virginia virginia and dc andginia ac and pennsylvania. penylva ni this will occur they tomorrow they tomo look at all of that snow the northern fringe event tries to get to the county.u of the northern fringe like that weakest of the snow there aree winter weather watches blizzards watch blin effect for dc.o r the snow is really going to pile pile up out there though get 2 feet of snowle will we see any snow here i would say near newearewe philadelphia a chance may be
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don't think it will impact usmp directly at least with us know. it will get windy on saturday sa talktu more about that into thento eight day in just a little bit.e guys back to you. thanks.. thanks. breaking news we are followingbreaki this morning out of news we ar st. ignatius high school is closed today because of a bombtoday threat.because according to the school thethe sc the threat was called into thento the cleveland polintce department around 4:30 this morning.eland pol the school says it did not prove credible but they decided tohey decid to cancel classes and close the campus for the day just to bethe day ju to be safe. again no school at st. ignatius high school because of a bomb threat.chool that was cold and early this morning. very busy morning on this thursday morning. we've been following breaking news this morning out of chester township. crews are battling a large house fire in the freezing breang wnship that's not their only challenge. let's get right to jessica dill, who joins us live from the scene fr with the latest on this
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kind of a rough morning out hereere for five writers working forg f hours still out here to make still o he sure thatre all t of the smoke is out of this home.. ouof thi struggling becauses a little neighborhood a littleittl development doesn't have any fire hydrant s around hereound they've been working for hourso bringing fire trucks back and d forth from three differenthree dif county fire department'sfe tryingr to get watered down to the homeown to t home in any is what we know so far. 430 crews arrived on scene thene home was already engulfed in flames. presented by the fire externally exte because by the time they got the here they floors were alreadya caved in. in. a man in critical condition at a the hospital with extreme burnstreme burns spoke with a fire official earlier here's what he had to say. chester fire department gotpar called out here about 4:30 thisut 4 morning for a house fire.fir e. when they arrived they found one victim male approximately in hisox 40s that was burned. the female was also in the house but she got out unharmed.nh
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tried to go back into the house to save the unfortunately some heartbreakingrtun news that dotat el somedid not make hieatnot make hieatno where as a hearing may have beenve been a cat inside that didn't make it. it . the man in critical conditionritical cditionri taken to the hospital they saidey sdey the woman that was with him wentm wen to the hospital to but she is okay she went to be with him. something we'll keep you updatedup on state fire marshal's hereal's he trying to figure out what started the fire.e. std on top of the t cold they had tod t deal with lack of water on this road as with a long morning for theser t r firefighters.ers. my goodness. my our thoughts and prayers withers wither s the my goodness thanks so much and much and m the crews that are working so wor hardki out my goodness. some more breakingmy go news rightews now we're fol rlowing for you on this thursday a hit-and-run crash caught on camerarathis thurs and stacey spoke to the victim. vict the driver stopped first butst bu then took off without evenut eve stopping to help the pedestrian. want to check in with stacey frey who is live.ive.
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when you talk to her thiseris morning. basically she is an shock shock doesn't remember the impact ofct ofc the accident she remembers beinghe rememb on the cerurb and then waking upn wa up on the pavement spitting bloodnt spitti blood and pieces of her teeth out butou she doesn't remember whatber whabe happened in between.ha we havepp evneideo to show for thoseto purposes s it is kind of upsettingp to watch especially for thisisis woman to know that she was run over by a carrwoman t tossed up into the air over the windshield of this th vehicle in the driver keptiv going.v it shows on the video not onlyyy the accident happening that some surveillance video from therveilla marathon gas station at thetion atheti intersection shows that women the driver puzzling over parking hover car getting out kind ozzling over parking her car getting out kind of lurking very curious aboutnging veryc what's happening notur caringgg enough to actually physically walk over and see howoweno tughis woman tugh is. she gets back atis her vehicle and then just drove off. droff. d surveillance pictures are very clear showing her vehicle a chryslerer c lhs that is red. re
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victim just hopese the next person who finds themselves inmselv the situation would it be so careless. that's what shocked me the mostthmostt is how she peeked around the suvv looked at me and watched me lay lay there like you couldn't come check on me..check on and i want to make me.everybody that did come out there m and didan come check on me. at least half a dozen people as you can see from the video justi swarming around the woman she is said iraqi that stopped but aaqi that oppe blanket on top of her comforting herd bu blan telling her not to move.ov she was released a few hourso later from the hospital pretty banged up big gash in her head going to need cosmetic surgeryr g on her teeth but she is hopingo whoever this is will have the courage to stand up and takeake responsibility.responsi the video your heart hurtso your watching it's unbelievable. and that is what tina the victimhe was saying shve is glad she doesn't remember because she'd
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that moment. amazing how the body shuts down. it's amazing that she is okay.okay god bless her. thanks stacey.y wild dogs terrorizing and eastern suburb. kristi capel has more on m good morning. m od m a warning this morning about a pack of wild and aggressive dogs roaming an east side suburb. police say around 5:30a.m., they were called to a home nearbo of wild a aggressive east sideb. o o ingleside road and van akenf wild aggre boulevard in shaker heights for a critically injured deer, with three dogs around it. when they arrived, police say an officer had to put down theput wn the deer, and when he shined a spotlight on the dogs, they ran.. deer, and w about two hours later, a woman waiting for the rapid nearby called police after she was approached by the three dogs.s. she says one of them nipped her jacket. approached byhree dogd byhreeogd when police showed up, they saye shed up, they one became aggressive, forcingsay an officer to shoot and kill it. the other two ran away.her two rway.her paul sanders was walking his puppy named jenny, when he saw
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naturally, you worry about kids. i worry about this little puppy we have, it's four months old, which i keep her on a leash all the time. never had a concern, neverwo before, but it's something thate, b you have to watch out for now.ut it's the woman who was nipped by one ma of the dogs was not hurt.n w police say they do not know whatc breeds the dogs are.e say n one is black, the other is brown, and both are medium sized dogs.n anyone who sees them should call police and not approach the dogs. pol the fbi is assuring kent state bi students there were no threats is a to campus, before launching an investigation into an assistantv professor with possible ties toestigation int int int julio pino was not on campus too was not n campus teach any history classes yesterday, and his wife would not give comment to fox8. ty classe he's made headlmeines before, fornt to x8. ty paying tribute to palestinian suicide bombers in 2002, andbers in andbe shouting death to isreal during a speech by an israeli diplomat in 2011.diplom at kent president beverly warren
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kent state.pino doesn two boys missing from wisconsins miss have been found here in northeast ohio. w police say the boys were taken rtheas by their mother who had parentalother d pare rights but had made some concerning statements. ri a citizen spotted the woman's car at an east cleveland gas station after seeing an alertation a and called 911.fter seein11.fter11 the brothers were taken into protective custody. it's unclear if the mother will protecr if ther face any charges.will local bars and restaurants may and reaurant be raising their glass to even more business thanks to the rnc. ohio law allows businesses with liquor permits to serve alcohol until 4 a.m.m.liquor pe that's two hours past the usual last call during major events like the republican nationalican nat convention. restaurants in cuyahoga and six surrounding counties. flannery's pub would certainly see more business since it'see more bu just a block away from the q where the rnc will be held.siness since
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especially opening for breakfastrea three hour window we will be closed. it adds completely three new business model to everything adding a whole another shift almost. bring more money here..whole ano more revenue to cleveland. why not. the division of liquor control will decide who will be able to stay open later.r.will decide and this would only apply forwould oy appl rnc july 18th through the 21st.y fo that's a look at top storiesop s back over to you. s all right kristi. thanks.. wo uld you prefer to go to a a back overight kristi. clinic with no doctors and only nurse practitioners?s?clinic with what if you could pay a monthly fee for all services?what if yoyofe the details on a healthcare change and, your comments, next,e foservicicthe details in this morning's download. do you really need to take antibiotics?d antitics? there could soon be a new way tocould soon get a clear cut answer. the new test that could help doctors.the new crazy escape crushing into a gasa asa
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welcome back everyone. welcomck could it be the future of healthcare? everyulre? evere? medical clinics without doctors. a new medical clinic will operate entirely by nurse practitioners not medical the clinic says it will provide a new kind of health care to patients who will pay a monthlycli new kiycli ne fee that range from 60 to 80 dollars and receive an array of health services for no extra charge.h services will include annual physicals, blood work, vaccines,cals, blood
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the clinic will also take most insurance. you pay a fee like belonging toel a club and then you can go anytimee for all differentdifferentdifferentdifferentdifferent things. whatever you need. a lot of people take advantage of minuteva clinics. my regular dr. left about a year left abou yea and a half ago i've seen the see nurse practitioner ever since. she is great.nurse pract it's shouldn't matter. if you want to have surgery. a flu shot or a throat cultureee or something that's okay. interesting. taking your thoughts ands ad comments my doctor takes great care of me it is of the patients th not ae bout to pay a monthly fee to go to some clinic the nurse legit anywaycl usually they are. have a bit people to complain to. not sure. sure. sarah says i will stay with mytay with doctor seeing a nurse m practitioner good for some things. not for all.go can it help with some things, i mean, some of the things people
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petty. no temperatures so much waste nono wonder the healthcare system is in a dire stathee. brenda says they with my doctorctorctor may be a good idea for some people i guess. asking you todayay what you thinkat about this. prefer to go to a clinic with only nurse practitioners pay aitioners monthly a lot of families have young kids aitioners .. getting cold all the time.. they have a runny nose dot wante dot wa to have to go to the doctor for all of that. tha sometimes co-pay isn't a part ofart that. a monthly fee and you would haver access to it which would be which uld be great. vote on our web poll on fox8.comx8mx take your thoughts on facebookn fac take your text ine tweets as well. doesn't mean you have to see that person you could still goerson to a medical doctor if you could to having to go to that minutet m clinic in the lines are very long. people especially on a sundayyy people are waiting to get get n. mayto be a good advantage.antage.ant they cagan keep the costs down toowto families that is great. thank you.
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what'swh happening weatherwise.a want to check in with scott withith stt with a look at the forecast.t the focast how does it feel outside. pretty chilly but nothingdo allll that uncommon here especially this time of generally in the teens. little bit of cloud cover inin pockets of leftover lake effect effe winds are starting to pick up a little bit left over ice on lake erie and pretty wide open nowr especially in the areas of like lik that trigger lake effect that's why we're highlighting some pockets of light snow out east. the weekend or start will be a start wi biggie in this one will make one wil make headlines and will top news will to stories for the better part ofp nart ofp nar the next several days.days if you have no anyway and filingy and ing out of dc or flying to dc or thec east coast check with your y carrier because probably going to hablve the laity and lai and l cancellations temperatures near normal active weather patternther patern book at pocket of lake effect in the heart of geauga county light accumulations here in thee in the
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cover is the gettingce up on thep o south those of us that area seeing some further south will cloud over temperatures begin ton climb single-digit windshields 19 temperature in w eastlake 22ast painesville strongsville at 12.t solid 15 and busstop forecast come home today we should be around 26. 20 tonight clouds increase where is the nor'easterer it hasn't event event developed yet it is showingis signs of that in the deep south two of these lows begin to come cme together move through kentucky and tennessee andgh eventually we'll get cloud cover from it from it look at the snow pushing into i southern ohio and eventually do dc up into pennsylvania eventually to upstate new york... northern fringe of the snow will try to push into southern county. winter storm warnings anddwi watchesnt erfosr totrm he south not uwanderuwan any sort of watch here nor willwill we be under one.undne. majority of this through dc dc d only one instance they have had ad more than 20 inches of snow inn
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that is in 1922.19 upwards of an inch or two earlye saturday that's about all weall will see from that it will get ge pretty windy here saturday. it will stay dry w 28 and at this thi point sunday into monday weinto moay wein start to climb into the 30s into t with a chance ofhe rain and wetd wetd snow monday night and into tuesday. that's the way it's looking i will update you onnthat's the fox8 news your official school closing station on social mediaficia als the t watches andh warnings mighti a big story we haven't had one of thesese systems moving this in a long time and rarely do they th issue blizzard watches. i can onlyzz count one time in 15 years a blizzard watch in in northern ohio. ohio. that will be a big paralyzingig p event for dc.aa ev a mess flying this weekend.en thank you. major headlinesthan prepping for fo e
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of the airlines issuing travel waivers ahead of the east coast if you're flying this weekend'r especially to the northeast ore fl y the mid atlantic check with yourin especily t airline for what options youfor what op have.tiohave.t the airlines should know whether they have to cancel flights, by today.hairlines it happened here in northeast ohio now, another k9 officer hasio been killed in the line of duty. now, another police are searching for theor theor t gunman accused of pulling the accused trigger during a traffic stop.of pull history is being made in the nfl.ry is be find out what role one woman will soon be taking on with one team. the next time you go to the grocery store you may not be alone. find out why the freezer casey youay not bet why
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a search is on this morning for a gunman who shot and killed a texas police the smith county sheriff sayst michael cook koch shot the doghe smith countyh countyh during a traffic stop in lindale.e. he says the k9 jumped on the suspect, when cook got into a physical confrontation with a deputy.he says the he then ran into a wooded area. a memorial for the k9, namedr the k9named ogar, will be held saturday.r if you're heavily invested in i the stock market you still may want to closure eyes. unbelievable news overnights o overseas and kristi has the latest for us la asian markets tumbled against for u overnight. so investors here are wondering what to expect from wall street.from waeet.f some analysts called yesterday a nightmare on wall street. the dow plunged 565 pointse analysts calday a nigh before making a slight comeback
9:20 am finish the one big reason why? crude oil prices fell below 27 dollars a barrel the lowestdolla since a barrel energy stocks dropped again.ropped aro dozens of oil companies have filed for bankruptcy recently.y. some reports say in the current climate there is a 50 percent chance of a recession. walmart says many of its us workers will be getting a pay raise next month. worke every walmart and sam's club employee hired before the start hired before the s of the year will soon earn atta least 10 dollars an hour. more than one million u.s. workers starting february 20th. than one milon u.s walmart says the latest round ofrt says he hikes means the average hourly latest wage of a full time employee, is just 13 dollars an hour.jus but unions and workers' groupst 13 dollar say that's not enough and aret enough aret enou lobbying for a so called livinggh wage of 15 dollars an hour. making history in the nfl. the buffalo bills have hired kathryn smith as a full time special teams coach. she is the first full timeis
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history. head coach rex ryan said smithrex ryd smit has worked with the team on a part time basis for seven years.s worked perfect candidate. astronomers believe they may have found a replacement planet for pluto.un researchers at the california institute of technology have found evidence of a ninth planet in the outer realm of our solar system.he the new find has the not so creative nickname of planet nine.s the t ni pluto was considered the 9thne. planet in our solar system, but solar syem, but was demoted to dwarf planet status in 2006. planet nine my friends. there you go. planet night. probably name it later. something creative. planet nine. dawson. planet dawson.n. pl you can buy aanet d star. a nice gift for someone. so is that expensive.ex i dpon't know. interesting gift.i i expect my christmas gift.hris valentine's day.
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a fraternity house hate crime. see what happened at one kent state fraternity and how frate frat members are responding. should there be a black history month?ernity ae frat me should er one actress comes under fire fornity ae at her strong comments but, sheg commet, s he didn't stop there. hear what else she said should be eliminated. scott. boost nor'easter will be a huge h weather story we are not going to see the heavy snow from it here but dc will see historic ee snowfall will talk more about that andee indirect impacts thatct i will have on northern ohio when
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it's out of aurora colorado and possibly sometimes you have to help. if you make a same-day
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charge you. a >> that would cut down on your cause. you wanted now or you want to do you really need to take into -- >> everywhere you go and everywhere you shop through a time for many couples is just
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the morning. stacy-is being on the controversy she called for the elimination of black history month. >> just like the shen the black history month. we are americans. because there is they added that if we don't want segregation the weekend to get rid ofof in the image of words they responded with a photo of her on the show they gave which aired on that channel.o they also released a statement saying our award shows and programming has recognized thee incredible town that does not get recognized elsewhere. >> you may soon be able to find
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antibiotics by simply taking a blood test. researchers developed a blood test that will let doctors know if they're dealing with at viral infection. most infections including the full of pain, and cold areol caused by viruses and antibioticsre a little spooky right here getting pretty it runs animations and promotions all your deciding what to buy that's also a touch screen which allows you to's learn more about the products without having to open the door. the coolest part is there is that camera at the top analyzing
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recognition technology they know everything about you. that tomatoes too small they need a bigger one. new parents house on the on their plate as we know one blogger has it that now on the head that people who wake you sleeping child from and that made it may haveg end of the dogs bark. then it's the critical strange of the onest' of things that they know more you do and they are quick to give you unsolicited
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there you go. a dose of reality when it comes to your facebook friendsof oxford university found that out of 150 of your friends on social media networking site only four of them would actually come throughgh to you. if you really needed them. what offer their sympathy. they say their findings off line when do you make your relationship official on facebook. i new survey looked at the timeframe for these dating milestones. 60 percent say they introduced their the new partner to their friends in the first month.
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partner to your friends that they don't put on facebook for fox 12 i thought that there are talking about it in this insta chat. there are no rules in love with the love is real. they try to be on their best behavior i agree it will take six months before you can hang in there if you want to. i've seen a good view of this person.
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it. how long do take you to say i love you. i think my has been there. all of the same page is so many things that if it is a while he was everything i ever wanted. coming out one woman was shopping w when a car came crashing into a gas station. see what happens next. year end up plane and the flight attendant says we don't want to die what prompted the announcement and let the passengers kids when heard it.n
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now this is where we should go. they causes many cleveland's it's amazing to go to restaurants issue so many people back home there are a lot of senior citizens than just hang out.relo i'll wait right there. i will be waiting a lot of expensive houses. youof can't just roll and there for hundred and $25,000. let me assure you you could run on for a week. it's nice.
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just gorgeous. welcome back were glad you are with us. a brave mom stepping up to fight off carjackers in florida they captured hurt fighting off a trio of sleep these that are surveillance her. she walked her self the vehicle a lock them out. they moved on to another vehicle the woman inside thought back thinking hurt kids would be abducted fisher is acting like a mama. there. all three face several charges including attempted carjacking and fleeing from police. a car smashes enter a gas station and australia it appears thatat the car hit a woman as she was walking toward the counter.
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issues able to walk away. in texas now there's a fire truck firee truck crash into a dairy queen. you can at the aftermath. the police department says new turquoise jewelry to greenfield with the crossed over into the westbound lane of traffic and crashed into the fast foodt restaurant or two people were injured including one dairy queen employee as well as a customer. once again they're trying to figure outut what happened and why it crashed into the dairy queen. >> she said what way up 5 percent them and said heading
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iphoneid the we don't want to die. that interrupted injures after they made the announcement. they're working to them m pray for the pilot and the aircraft air traffic control. obama is the two graduate this spring. she was at the white house with her dad. he is not going to be the keynote speaker he's going to be too emotional and probably cry through any species you have to giveu their during lunch the president told guess that he was just set out in the audience and cross flow his daughter gets her
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new york schools for college sources face and why you and him bernard college or her talk to your choices. i could certainly understand why the president and think about your gorgeous edges want to take it in. it's been fun to watch them grow up. mother her other family goes back on they're going to get an update right now on your weather. and into the weekend. what's happening nationally
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weekendnd there's been a few pretty close to the phone will make a run for its money. this is like affect just a touch of lake affect coming in light accumulation on related to the system that will be affecting the east coast there this weekend.ll lake affect should die away. where is snow. is that he's been developing them. there it is in the deep south of does not look like much of
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together. e we might get some very light accumulation are you philly ony the northern fringe of this that beyond that's not much direct impact on north and all have decided some pretty strong went to dismiss into early on saturdayy to be a big story so hear about over the next couple of days and i will update you on my social media page. and our forecast as well. that's the way it's looking herere although there are some of us that might want 20 inches of
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closing a kids like that. moderate us tour that of this every single day wants to rack is here to talk about some great outerwear. and the very crazy and very funny never know what to expect, body week, is in the studio. be ready for that. we're going to start talk to the
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